El Castillo de la Pureza

DateAugust 28 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
LocationVIFF Vancity Theatre

This special co-presentation with the VLAFF and VIFF’s Vancity Theatre will be accompanied by an introduction “From Analog to Digital” given by Héctor Ramírez Williams, Director of the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) Archives.
In this darkly claustrophobic masterpiece, Gabriel Lima (played by Claudio Brook, Buñuel’s Simon of the Desert) decides he must protect his family from the corruption of the modern world by keeping them locked up for 18 years inside their ramshackle house. He is governed almost obsessively by ideas about the evils of humanity contained in the philosophy books that he reads. His three children—Future, Utopia and Free Will—are supposed to follow the path that he determines for them, but the maddening confinement and Gabriel’s inability to keep his family completely untouched by the outside world, will slowly undermine his castle of purity.
“A haunting, melancholic fable by one of the true mavericks of Mexican cinema.”
Gabriel Lima está convencido de que la gente es mala por naturaleza y de que su familia puede sufrir las consecuencias. Por eso encierra durante años a su esposa y a sus hijos en una auténtica fortaleza. Cualquier precaución es poca para evitar que la maldad del ser humano penetre en el Castillo de la Pureza.